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No fixed costs and commissions

Working in this area, we realized that the best way to have confidence of our partners is to have no fixed costs and no commission on bookings we make.

How to book

Unlike other agencies that provide little time for each reservation operation, our staff can’t make reservation on OTA or other common sites, but relies primarily to our partners increasing every day as you can see on our site: Partner Hotels

This is done to get the best price on the market and even direct discounts through various structures, but we use a large number of conventions also for travel and other services.

In addition, our staff can view the facilities and send us their preferences for deciding the possible accommodation.


To recapitulate: our aim is to get the best result for your reservation in order to get benefits even from our own reservations, you’ll also have the advantage of not suffer extra charges.

Our staff will always try to stay on our ranch desired (if possible), without finding more unpleasant costs.

In addition, our staff will organize all your trip looking for the best in the affected areas, while your employees can take advantage of hours of research for their work.


The true costs of our work are small fee, which are decided at the time of conclusion of the contract or through our agent or through email.

Our contacts to have suffered more clarification and to get a detailed quote.