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As an agency we are ready to organize any trip will have to deal with, but we do it as if we’ve to make reservations for us.

We are not the usual agency that book air travel, trains, buses, hotels, rental cars anywhere knowing that everything is at your expense, but we try different solutions with our best technologies in order to organize a comfortable journey also paying attention to costs.

Today, thanks to the Internet, it’s always easier to get organized, but we think about all the details and in case of emergency you can contact us 24H to 24H, with an emergency line always open to be able to help in case of problems or emergencies during the journey of your employees or yourself.

The business trip is not a holiday that’s why we organize it in the smallest details without stressing employees.

Some classic example to understand that we are the right solution for you:

Individual Transfer: the company decides to send one of its employees on a business trip.  The business trip can last one day or be six months, in your country or abroad, and it’s important to be precise both in the movements that in finding the optimal accommodation also according to the duration of the trip.

Group Transfer: the company decides to send more employees on a business trips. According to the demands and the worker level, our agency organizes the best trip possible, for the duration requested, whether at home or abroad, organizing the trip at best so that employees can give their best while traveling.

Industry Fair: the fair is a great opportunity of contact for a company. There are two cases:
1 – Exhibitors
2 – Visitors

Exhibitor: organize this type of fair is very difficult which is why our help is sometimes crucial to enabling the employees to better organize the exhibition.

Visitor: send one of its employees in these fairs is always important to create partnerships and raise the level of their employees with new incentives and ideas. Arrive at these fairs under relaxed conditions is critical to:

a. Study in detail the local market by analyzing Italian and foreign competitors.

b. Get a concrete idea on the economic and social level of the country.

c. Meet new potential customers at the fair.

d. Meet potential customers which is already in contact and with whom wants to “close” the negotiation and initiate a business relationship.

Meet potential customers with which you’re already in contact and with whom you wants to “close” the negotiation and initiate a business relationship.

We see now how we should prepare for a business trip abroad. Here are the most important tasks to be monitored during preparative:

Regular Passport. Be careful, some countries don’t give an entry visa if your passport will expire within 6 months after the trip. Keep it in your account.

Entry Visa. In general, travel agencies offer services for obtaining Visas at good prices.

Travel and accommodation. For these activities you can trust us 100% for any solution in the world.

Detailed report of the business trip.