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TripBusiness staff allows you to get detailed information about the company charges for expenses and travel.

A better understanding of the costs

With TripBusiness you can easily obtain reports on the data for travel and expenses.
Our staff provides detailed information on travel booked and the costs incurred by helping to:

  • identifying fraud risks;
  • identify which employees have expenses not provided by the travel policy;
  • have a report of reservations cleanly made;
  • locate travel providers who don’t respect the negotiated rates;
  • ensure compliance with corporate policies and financial rules.

Cost optimization

Our staff works closely with you to find the best facilities and the best services at the best market prices without involving other market participants and other fees in relation to other operators. We make clean and shiny operations, regardless of company size. Detailed information can help you for:

  • make accurate invoices to customers;
  • obtein best prices in the markets by working with best discounted prices on the market;
  • ensure that the costs are assigned to the corresponding projects;
  • evaluate expenses with trusted suppliers.

Optimization in payments

Any company can choose between the various procedures to pay for various services, our advice is to leave the business expenses by employee cards only for exceptional purchases:

  • channeling the expenses of the company credit card to get discounts by the bank;
  • choose the best method for your payment;
  • have a precise idea of unnecessary and extra business expenses.

Instant reports for executives

TripBusiness offers to executives and managers the tools necessary to make monthly statements. We have a direct line to know the instantaneous movement of your employees.

Global solution

TripBusiness puts in the hands of small companies or multinationals its solutions for expense claims, having a program both for smaller companies to multinational companies. TripBusiness allows each company to have their own services and worldwide demands wherever employees work.


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