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With TripBusiness it’s easy to manage expense claims

Not always the new methods are the best methods, every business with TripBusiness can choose the most convenient and customized method.

Control of the company’s expenses reimbursement

TripBusiness can be customized according to needs relating, according to reimbursement of expenses and internal policy:

  • Create and submit an expense report accurately and in compliance with corporate policies;
  • Review, approve and process the expense report;
  • Easy submission of expenditure.

Integration of credit card Data

TripBusiness, if it’s possible, allows to make payments in the method chosen by the management according to the requests of the company. Our systems allow the inclusion of payment cards from afar creating each time a card for the payment of the service. Once imported, the data can be compared with what is required as a refund with cross-checks. The system then automatically takes care of the payment of the credit card provider, after approval the costs. In this way, each payment is subject to strict controls.

Integration of electronic receipts Data

The ability to electronically capture and manage receipts helps to maximize the VAT declaration process, allowing you to optimize time and improve efficiency, when it is detected that the VAT must be reported in expenses.

Authorization for sending the expense report

Refunds can be easily reviewed and approved by the reference managers and workers to the back office can process them and test them.

Fast payment of expense

Thanks to the various solutions you can manage payments very accurately and speed up reimbursements to employees. The possibility of automatic remittance on credit card also favors the use of corporate credit cards by employees.

Control of the expense report

Concur allows you to store all informations related to travel and business costs in a single database, facilitating the location of the expenditure. This allows access to the following data (and more):

  • expenses incurred by employees;
  • expenses for the project;
  • expenses for customer;
  • overall costs relating to a particular type of expense;
  • general expenses costs.